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Project Overview

Tarzana Medical group was founded with a mission to provide accessible medical care to the community. With specialists from across the medical profession, they treat patients with a variety of needs. Tarzana Medical Group has been serving the community for many years without having any kind of online presence. All of their patients were finding out about them by word of mouth.

What We Did

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Even though Tarzana Medical group’s high quality service would still provide them with sufficient number of patients to stay in business, the management had noticed that competing against service providers that had extensive online presence was increasingly difficult. Attempting to create a website by themselves resulted in a loss of valuable time. Even though they needed a simple presentation website, which they tried to build themselves using WIX.com, the managers of Tarzana Medical Group quickly realized that the steep learning curve was not worth the months of quality work time needed. Furthermore, due to their lack of expertise with online technologies, the product was not feeling professional and was not reflective of their high standards. Tarzana Medical Group made the decision to put their business in front of millions of local patients by contacting Eachbase.

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We analysed and addressed the main challenges Tarzana Medical Group was facing. Firstly, we needed to design a modern and minimalistic web interface focused on their service offering while at the same time reflecting their clean facilities and high standards in medical practice. We understood the fact that a cleaner, organized and polished website will give the patients a glimpse of how professional the staff at the office will be. Second, we realized that the management of Tarzana Medical Group had very little time to spare. Therefore, we asked them if they would like us to take care of their decision making for the theme, fonts, logo and content, to not constantly reach out to them. After they agreed, the next conversation we had was when the website was already complete. We were super excited after seeing the exclusively positive reaction from both office staff and patients.

Technology Stack

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