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Project Overview

Alternate Network Technologies (ANT) is an IT company that was founded with the mission of providing affordable IT support to local customers that rivals exceeds the quality of service offered by large IT corporations. ANT takes pride in providing spectacular services to every single customer. ANT reached out to Eachbase to modernize their brand so they can concentrate on their core business.

What We Did

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  • checkmarkWebsite Development
  • checkmarkSEO
  • checkmarkServer Configurations
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ANT needed a quick, mobile optimized and affordable solution to outcompete its competitors. After requirements negotiations, ANT decided to have Eachbase build them a modern website with a custom theme using the WordPress CMS. Being an IT company themselves, ANT simply did not have the time to build their own company website. The reason for this is that they are specialized in IT Infrastructure rather than programming and user interfaces. Therefore, it would have cost them more to build the website themselves. Since Eachbase specializes in computer programming and software development, we could do the job much more efficiently, resulting in win-win conditions for both companies.

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The result of our efforts is a polished, mobile first, modern looking website with its own flare and unique design. Simply conveying the right amount of information to inform clients, but not bore them with lengthy paragraphs was one of our top priorities. Additionally, we had integrated material UI with a custom theme to create a unique and modern feel to ANT’s Website.

Technology Stack

Frameworks & Libraries